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Rules for Inclusion of Information and Links


Anyone may submit information for inclusion.  The key word at this site is "user-submitted".  If you believe that an item should be included, please submit it for consideration.  Posting policies are lenient, however, Fortran Library will retain full editorial rights as to whether to include the item, under what category, and for what duration.

All information submitted will be reviewed for "suitability" for inclusion prior to posting.  In general, the definition of "suitable" includes the following:

  • Directly related to the Fortran programming language (programming, standards, products/tools, information sources, etc.).
  • Closely related web links of interest to a wide cross-section of typical Fortran users.
  • Suitable for children as well as adults.
In most cases, information will be posted within 24 hours, however, submitting large lists of items will cause a delay in posting because each item has to be individually evaluated and categorized.  In addition, while it is not possible to provide a detailed description or review for every item listed, there is an attempt to briefly describe items where it might not be clear from the title or name.  Admitting that these are often quite  feeble descriptions, they are still somewhat time consuming to produce.  Your help in improving these decriptions is welcome, however, the descriptions need to remain somewhat brief.

Please report any posting that you consider unsuitable.  It will be re-evaluated and removed if necessary.

Type of Information Accepted

While it is not possible to list every Fortran-related article, product, reseller, book, or consultant, an attempt will be made to include a "reasonably" large sampling and hopefully the "most important" ones will be included.  Submission of information that falls under one of the current index categories is welcome.  Suggestions for new categories will be considered, however, workload issues will be a strong part of the criteria determining whether a new category will be accepted or not.

Format of Submitted Information

The preferred format for submittals will be in the form of links to other sites.  Exceptions are possible if the information is of great interest to a significant segment of site users and a link is not feasible.

Submitted information should be in one of the following forms:  html, straight ascii text (EBCDIC ok), pdf.  Please provide pre-converted files.  Posting of information not in the preferred formats will take signficantly longer.

If necessary a large number of applications with filters are available so it may be possible to convert the files.  The following common applications are available:

  • MS Word 7 (with standard filters)
  • MS Publisher 97
  • FrameMaker 4/5 (Solaris, HP/UX)
  • Interleaf 5/6 (Solaris, HP/UX)
Please do not submit Postscript, IPDS, CPDS, or similar printer datastream files.

Provided graphics should be in GIF or JPEG format.  Filters are available for the following graphics formats: 
Filter Category Filter Type
Bitmapped/Raster Image 301, ATT, BMP, CAL, CPLP, DCX, DIB, FAX, GIF, ICO, IFF, IMG, MAC, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, TGA, RLE, WMF, WPG, XBM, XPM, XWD, CUT, KFX, LV, MSP, PCD, Unformatted Mainframe IMAGExxx.

Site Design Criteria

While wishing that this site could be more, due to workload issues, there is a need to keep the site design relatively simple.  This will make it much easier to keep the all-important link content up-to-date.  Graphic elements are extremely time consuming to create and this hinders the process of refining the information categories as new information is added (i.e. it needs to be easy to move information to different categories and to add or delete categories and this is best accomplished using text-based links).  Having made this statement, comments and suggestions on any topic (including site design) are welcome.

A goal is to keep the site non-commercial and unbiased toward any person, place, or thing (including operating system and hardware architecture) to the maximum extent possible.  There are no products to sell here, just links to hopefully useful information.

Web Site Design Tools Used

Graphic components associated with this site are original works produced through the use of tools supplied with Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 and Microsoft Photodraw 2.0 and CorelDraw X7.  All image files are carefully cropped and tuned for minimum file size with maximum image resolution while maintaining acceptable color depth.

Page markup was produced using Seamonkey Composer 2.39 or later. 

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