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14 May 2016
Corrected linkg so Szymanski's "High Performance Object Oriented Programming in Fortran 90" in Articles
2 April 2016
Corrected link for Ascalaph Designer in Free Software.
17 January 2016
Edited background and width settings for remaining pages.
16 January 2016
Minor revision to index page.  Recovered several files, recovered userid/password, etc.
29 April 2009
Corrected link for Parallel Iterative Methods in Free Software.
6 March 2009
Corrected entry for Elegant Mathematics in Compatible Products.
29 November 2008
Added Ascalaph Designer to Free Software.
27 January 2008
Added FRUIT to Free Software.  Corrected Sun compiler entry in Compilers.  Adjusted designator codes to allow for future standards such as F2k8.
7 September 2007
Added ObjexxFCL and ObjexxFTK in Compatible Products and Objexx Engineering Inc. in Consultants.
12 August 2007
Updated Portland Group entry in Compilers.
21 July 2007
Added Cranfield Univervity training in Fortran 95 and Fortran 2003 in Training.
27 June 2007
Corrected Bradly Associates contact info in the GINOV7 announcement.
15 April 2007
Corrected link to C2F in Free Software.
7 April 2007
Added GINO V7 release announcement to the splash page under spotlight.
6 April 2007
Added RIM source code to Free Software (zip format).
31 March 2007
Corrected entry for Interacter and added a separate, more detailed entry for Winteracter in Compatible Products.  Added Physorg to the SciTech Media links section on the main page.
10 March 2007
Added Silverfrost to "compiler resellers" and "compiler vendors".
3 March 2007
Corrected link to "Advanced Windows 95/98/NT Applications Programming With FORTRAN" in Training.  Corrected "Windows 95/98/NT Application Programming With Fortran with Examples" in Free Software.  Moved 2006 whatsnew items to a separate file.  Moved the links section to whatsnew archive to the bottom of this page.
26 February 2007
Added "PILIB" in Free Software.
10 February 2007
Corrected link in Training to "Windows Application Programming" (Vladimir Vasilchenko).  Updated link to DIAGRAMF in Free Software.  Corrected link to "Portable Windowed Applications: Pollsters, Onlookers and Others (Poo)" in Compatible Products".  Corrected webmaster mail address on the index page and for the SUPPORT button on the left.
27 January 2007
Removed the defaced links and corrected the counter again (file lock race condition that I haven't been able to figure out).

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