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Date Description
20 December 98 Changed Book title "Windows Programming with Digital Visual Fortran" to "DIGITAL Visual Fortran Programmer's Guide" and updated author names and changed the publish date from "12/98" to "3/99".
18 December 98 Corrected link for Valiant Technology in Consultants.
14 December 98 Added "Initial Value Problem", "Stiff Ordinary Differential Equation", MGNET software repository, and "TkfPW" entries and an alternate source for "F2J" to Free Software.  Added Articles "Programming Multigrid in Fortran 90" and "Comparison of C++ and Fotran 90 for Object-Oriented Scientific Programming".  Identified number of "native" languages supported by Multi-Edit in Compatible Products.
9 December 98 Added  "Purify" to Compatible Products.
8 December 98 Added "ASCA" (Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells Analysis application) to Free Software.
6 December 98 Added Article:  "Fortran and Windows", Free Software:  "Programming the Finite Element Method (code associated with the book), SMLIB.  Compatible Products:  IBM Optimization Library, CPLEX optimization software.
28 November 98 Added Euroferret and MSN web search engines to Index.  Corrected link for Concurrent Computer Corporation in Compilers (the former Harris Computer Corporation site is gone).
27 November 98 Logo/Heading changes.  Updated site survey to remove impertinent questions.  Minor editorial change to update the software tools-used versions in Rules.  Added to Compatible Products:  LGO, GQOPT, PDE2D, IDA, GEMPACK, HOOPS3D, ED, UGL/UGLI, CA-DISPLA, MTASK, WINTRANSLATOR, NUTCRACKER, MATLAB.  Improved descriptions for various Meetings/Conferences.  Added to Free Software:  Emacs/Xemacs, PORTability code from Purple Sage Consulting.  Added to Books:  "Programming the Finite Element Method".  Added to Consultants:  Purple Sage Consultants.  Deleted Fortran90 Training/Tutorial entry at Polk AFB (site phased out, unable to locate on replacement sites).  Added to Benchmarks:  CPU Speed Without Heroics (DEC)...and you thought I'd quit updating...:-)
24 November 98 Added reference in Meetings section for a High Performance Computing Workshop and the HPF User's group meeting.  Added date for the SLICOT/Niconet meeting.  Added a Compatible Products section on "Fortran Aware Editors" by vendor request.  Will improve content soon.
7 November 98 Lahey Fortran 95 support identified in Compiler Developers.
5 November 98 Added SDX to Compatible Products, Eclipse Software to Consultants.
4 November 98 Added CTAGs (beta) to Free Software and BURKS to Free Software (Linux) and Compatible Products.
2 November 98 Added link to latest Fortran Market Benchmark (MS Windows Fortran 90 Compilers).
1 November 98 Added PLAPACK and SLDRIVER to Free Software, corrected title of "Using PLAPACK" in Books, added reference to SLICOT conference in Meetings (not completed due to inability to link to NICONET), added BCSLIB-EXT in Compatible Products. 
31 October 98 Added Hotbot, NorthernLight, and Snap to Net Search section.
6 October 98 Added OPENMP and Co-Array Fortran web site links in Articles.  The most recent delays in posting information are due to in-progress computer upgrades and job changing activities (in case anyone cares :-).
28 September 98 Corrected link to OPENTEXT to point to Livelink Pinstripe.  Added "MUDPACK" to Free Software.
27 September 98 Added "ELI" to Free Software, "F90SQL" to Compatible Products, "Capacita" to Benchmarks, Books "High Performance Compilers for Parallel Computing", "High Performance Computing" updated to 2nd edition, Articles "Co-Array Fortran for Parallel Programming" (link correction)) and a related Abstract (added), "ADX:  Algorithms for Adaptive Discretization...", "Message-Passing Tools for ...", Changed DEC entry in Compiler Developers to identify full Fortran 95 support for Win32.  Improved NAG description in Compatible Products.
24 September 98 Corrected link for VAST in Free Software and changed IBM Fortran link in Compiler Developers.
20 September 98 Added entries in Free Software for "Binary/GIF File I/O", "PFortran".  Added Benchmark entries for Netlib "Benchmark Source", "Benchweb", "NAS Parallel Benchmarks".  Added articles "PVM Guide, "OO Methods for Numerical Computing", "Intro to Fortran 90", "Evaluations of HPF For Practical...", "Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception...", Books "Intro to High-Performance Scientific...", "Using PLAPACK".  Tutorial "A Tutorial for HPF".  Added additional search site listings on the splash page.
17 September 98 Added "Expert Fortran" Consultants.  A local site search utility is in development.  Implementation has been delayed due to ISP setting up account CGI access incorrectly.
16 September 98 Added attributions for the "Co-Array" article added on 15 September, "f90gl" to Free Software, added a description for "Computers in Physics" Journal, "Comparison of FP Performance" and "Index to Benchmark Codes" to Benchmarks.  Corrected book title "Atlas for Computing Mathematical Functions...".  Improved various descriptions in Compatible Products.
15 September 98 Added articles "The Fortran Saga", "Co-Array Fortran for Parallel Programming", "VB and Fortran", journals "ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software" and "Scientific Programming", consultants "Cypher Consulting", free software OPTIMA90.
14 September 98 Unimprovements to Standards section (deleted various standard archive links for legal reasons (suggestions of copyright violations/treading on thin ice)).  This is a big disappointment since this is one of my personal favorites.  Added article on Japan Association Extension to HPF and Journal "Optimization Methods and Software".  Added eLib "Electronic Library for Mathematical Software" and SLICOT "Control and Systems Theory Library" to Free Software.
9 September 98 Added Editorial regarding recent delays in incorporating user data inputs.
5 September 98 Improvements to Standards section.  Further improvments in work.
4 September 98 Added a site survey option to the splash page.
30 August 98 An additional appearance improvement to the logo.  Modifications to information inclusion rules.
28 August 98 Site design changes for consistency, "improved" appearance.  Added net search links on the Index page.  Deleted Editorial (will return on occasion).  In works is a site usage survey.  Revised description in "Sponsoring" and "Rules" sections. 
27 August 98 Added articles "Why F", "How Fast is your Java for Number Crunching", "The F Language", added benchmark/articles "Appleseed:  A Parallel Macintosh Cluster for Numerically Intensive Computing".
25 August 98 Added more articles and improved the categorization of the articles.
24 August 98 Added numerous article and training entries.  Corrected F2K work plan link again, added a link to GZIP.ORG! (What's the point of compressing these tiny HTML files anyway?  The Standing documents list should be left fact, the latest versions of each document should be left uncompressed.)
23 August 98 Added entries to Articles (SUIF Compiler Project on Parallel Programming), Benchmarks (SUIF), Free Software (SUIF, F77 REORDER, FLIC, VECPAR77, PETSc), Compatible Products (Fortran-M, CPC Library, Understand, FLINT, ADIFOR, Elegant Mathematics), FAQs (SUIF).
22 August 98 Added content to Articles, Benchmarks, Books, Compatible Products, Consultants, Free Software, Newsgroups, Training (too many entries to list here). 
20 August 98 Corrected VAST link in Compatible Products.  Added FORGExplorer and XPRESS-MP to Compatible Products.  Added Fortran 90 PVM to Free Software.  Added links to articles on "Fortran 90 :  The First Two Years" (NAG Compiler Development), MPI, and High Performance Networking and Computing (conference link also added to Meetings).  Added NAG Fortran 90 Software Repository and F2C Polisher to Free Software and HDF to Free Software and FAQs.  Added Dash Associates to Consultants. 
19 August 98 Corrected F2K workplan link in Standards again.
18 August 98 Added link to Beowulf articles on parallel programming using networked PCs and Workstations.  Also, "A Look at Fortran 90" and "The Perils of Floating Point" at  Lahey Computer Systems' site, "Improving the Output of F2C" at NAG.  Added F2J (Fortran 2 Java) and F90DOC (Fortran Source Comments to HTML Document) to Free Software.  Added NAG to Consultants.
16 August 98 Alphabetized Books, FAQs, Free Software, Newsgroups, Training sections.  Moved performance/benchmark-related articles to the Benchmarks section.  Added books "High Performance Computing", by Kevin Dowd, "Modern Programming with Digital Visual Fortran" by Walter Brainerd, Dick Hendrickson, and Ron Green, and "Windows Programming with Digital Visual Fortran" by Michael Etzel (last 2 books anticipated to be available 12/98).
14 August 98 Significant new content added to Compatible Products, Free Software, Compiler Developers, Consultants, FAQs, Benchmarks.  Added "Unix for Fortran Programmers" to Books.  Better categorized Free Software and Compatible Products sections.
13 August 98 Added Superplot, SciPlot, SciFont, SciMath, Forcheck, VAST, Foresys to Compatible Products.  Added Quetzal to Consultants.  Removed the "biased" entry for Microsoft's discontinued Fortran product (use of $ in the company name) in Compiler Developers.
12 August 98 Added Fortran Market Consultants Directory and Simulog to Consultants.  Added Simulog to Training.  Corrected IMAGINE1 link error in FAQs.  Added Computer Transition Systems to Compiler Resellers.  Added an Editorial section.
11 August 98 Added  PSPLOT postscript plotting library to Free Software.  Added Ingraf/Wingraf, Simpleplot to Compatible Products.  Added FORTLIB library of hardware interfacing routines to Compatible Products.  Added BUSS Ltd. to Consultants.
10 August 98 Added PGPLOT graphics library to Free Software.  Corrected spelling, attribution, highlighting, and author errors in Articles and Books.  Added MacOS support for Imagine1's "F" Compiler Developer entry.  Added Prospero Software to Compiler Developers.  Corrected WEBMASTER EMAIL address in FAQs, added link to a very detailed compiled source by Tomasz Plewa.
9 August 98 Corrected Compiler Developer platform support entries for Microway, Digital.  Added definition of some confusing terms in Compiler Developers section.  Added Polyhedron Software and Custom Solutions to Compiler Resellers.  Added Polyhedron Software to Consultants.  Added link to BC-FORTRAN and SIMTEL software repository to Free Software.  Added Spree to Book Resellers.  Added F2C to Articles and Free Software.  Added additional G77 links in Articles.  Added 2 numerical calculation-related News Groups.  Added Numerical Analysis Resources/FAQ.
6 August 98 Added x86 to Portland Group Compiler support under Compiler Developers.
5 August 98 Added "Brian's Books" to Book Resellers.  Corrected table column size in Improvement Suggestions Description column (some browsers objected, some didn't).
3 August 98 Added Connection Machines (products formerly by Thinking Machines now owned by Gore Technology Group) to Compiler Developers.  Corrected update date for following table row, Articles section.
2 August 98 Categorized/alphabetized Articles section.
1 August 98 Added some pet "improvement suggestions" to that section.
31 July 98 Added link to Sun Microsystems Fortran Reference Manuals to the logo "Books" on each page.  Dates were not changed except here and Index.
30 July 98 Corrected references to Carsten Arnholm's "C++/Fortran Mixed-Language Calling" product (Articles, Free Software, Training).  Added alternate source for Alan Miller's free statistical calulation source code (single ZIP file with all code).
29 July 98 Added GSS products from Ematek to Compatible Products.  Improved some product descriptions.  Significant new input to this section is planned for the next major update.
28 July 98 Added DISLIN to Free Software and Compatible Products, XLIB to Free Software and FAQs, Garnatz & Grovender to Consultants and Training, link to Iverson Software Consultants Directory.  Miscellaneous link changes in Compatible Products.
27 July 98 Added COMP.OBJECT to news group section.  Added link to Sun Microsystems programming language documentation.
25 July 98 Major review of Compiler Developers section completed.  New entries to Articles, FAQs, Free Software, Compatible Products, Compiler Resellers, added Consultants section. 
24 July 98 Added COMP.OBJECT FAQ link.  Set Index menu to fixed table width, added Benchmarks category with links to NETLIB, Polyhedron, Dave Gemini.  F2K Work Plan link changed to a compressed file (gz).  Corrected spelling error (preceding).
23 July 98 Added links to NETLIB repository from "Free Software" and several FAQs entries.  Separated Book Resellers from Books again (too many books to scroll through to get to the resellers).  Merged Patches with Free Software.
22 July 98 Updated "F" books publish dates, added compiler reseller Unicomp (Note that there are numerous errors in the "platform" columns in this table.  These are being worked, sometimes its hard to glean this information from vendor web pages).  Added compiler developer entries for Imagine1 "platforms".  These are not as explicit as to the various versions of each platform as some other entries (will try to expand).  Added compatible product GDDM for mainframe graphics (just because).  Corrected misspelling of "HARDWARE".
21 July 98 Additional Books on "F", Book and Compiler Reseller listings, more of those pesky link corrections (Articles, Book/Compiler Resellers, Training).
20 July 98 Major addition of content to Books section.
16 July 98 Added entries to Books and Compilers, corrected some compiler entries.
15 July 98 Changed date format used, per request; corrected various link typos; added 2 books to the books section (significant new book section content to be added in the near future along with proper detail and completion of compiler developers section).  Added reference to Polyhedron Software under "FAQs" pending a detailed site review (likely multiple category listings).
14 July 98 Added reference to on-line tutorial site by Vladimir V.Vasilchenko
13 July 98 Significant new content added to many pages.  There remain glaring omissions (e.g. compatible products such as NAG libraries).
6 July 98 Changed page design for compatibility with wider selection of browsers.
30 May 98 Changed logo to an image.  Additional site design changes planned.
10 May 98 Changed link for Fortran 90 news group to point to Fortran Market link.
9 May 98 Site name change.
8 May 98 New banner design, corrected copyright statement, deleted various URL columns.
3 May 98 Added What's New, Sponsor, Disclaimer entries, presentation improvements
2 May 98 General makeover, added compiler maker entries

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