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Date Description
30 December 99 Added Fortran Library free Fortran 90 source code:  "ShareBufferWin32" and "CheckDate".
17 December 99 Added "CLUSFIND", "JETNET", "Neural Net Code...", to Free Software.  Added "Prosoft" (vendor of technical software) to Compatible Products.
27 November 99 Minor page design change to eliminate underscoring of most headings.  This makes it more clear where "active" links are.  Also default text color changed from dark green to dark blue (just for a change).
26 November 99 Corrected link for "LOGDISCR" and "PLRT" in Free Software.
23 November 99 Added FSF funding link on the index page.
20 November 99 Added "WSTS Graphics Library", "WSTS Math Library", and "WSTS Bubblesoft Accounting Library" to Compatible Products.  Added "Pltmg : A Software Package...", "Numerical Linear Algebra for...", "ScaLAPACK User's Guide", "LINPACK User's Guide" in Books.  Added "Functional Minimization using Simulated Annealing", "Kinetic MC:  Ordering and Vacancy Migration in @-D Binary Alloy", "Hodrick-Prescott Filter Code", "Rule Learning" in Free Software.  Added "NA-Net" in News Groups.
15 November 99 Changed link to the FORTRAN 77 standard to point to a more complete HTML version.
14 November 99 Corrected link for "Harwell Subroutine Library" in Compatible Products.  Moved "What's New 1998" to the top of the What's New page.
13 November 99 Minor appearance improvements (hopefully) to Quick Links tables and content tables in all files.  Changed the Fortran 90 Quick Reference links (logo books on all pages) from Sun's document site to Compaq's, only because of full Fortran 95 support.  Also made it a direct link to the "language reference" manual.  Made some additional changes to the index page.  Added 2 additional sections for "local site search" and "quick links" (with graphic).  Removed the search tool from the header section. 
12 November 99 After numerous requests to the ISP to restore the hit counter value to the correct value, I gave up and added my own counter routine.  After a server data corruption event a few months ago, the counter data file got wiped out.  The hit counter is now approximately correct (was at ~38000  when it stopped working, added 13745 to that value to get 51745).  Prototyped jump links in the  Index, Free Software, Compatible Products, Articles, Books sections.  Let me know if this is useful.  Improved formatting on various pages (mostly adding/deleting blank lines).
11 November 99 Added "JMFFT" and Alan Miller's new overflow site to Free Software.
10 November 99 Added FTN77 to the Free Software (compilers) section.  Removed ELF90 from the same list.
9 November 99 Added "BBEDIT" to Compatible Products.
5 November 99 Added site search form on the index page.  I originally wrote this about 1 year ago (modified Matt's Script Archive macro), but never installed it because my ISP couldn't seem to get my account CGI access set up correctly.  Obviously, it needs some work (no string search, result is just the base file name, not specific content, and link doesn't take you where you want to go).  If you have a better CGI ready made, let me know.
4 November 99 Corrected link for "Flint" in Compatible Products.
31 October 99 Added "FMKMF", "FIDISOL/CADSOL", "LINSOL", "VECFEM", "Statistics Code From University of Bristol", "TISEAN", "2D_MC", and "TRON" to Free Software.  Added Books "Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization", "Programming Language Pragmatics" and "Arpack User's Guide".  Added "The Design of a Portable Scientific Tool" to Articles.  Added "Wessex Scientific and Technical Services" to Consultants.  Added a link to my home page in the "Webmaster" section.  Corrected all links to SUN Documents site in the Books portion of the logo.
30 October 99 Added "Linkgrinder" to the net search section.  Added link to the home page of comp-fortran-90 mailbase group in News Groups.
25 October 99 Added news group "slac.lang.fortran".
24 October 99 Corrected various Internet Search entries (Brittanica/eBlast merge, Infoseek/GO merge, Internet Sleuth=TheBigHub, delete Muscat, GNN).

23 October 99 Updated entry for "TIDY" and added entries for "PREQN", " HOV", "KSCLASS ", "LOGDISCR ", "PLUS ", "LAPLACE", in Free Software.   Corrected "VAX Fortran" ISBN entries and added "Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems ", "Real Computing Made Real", "Algorithms and Data Structures in F and Fortran" in Books.  Corrected Lahey compiler entries to include support for the Linux OS.  Added "Fortran User's Survey" to Articles.  Added "SSL2" to Compatible Products.  Added "Alltheweb" to Internet Search on the index page.
16 October 99 Added "TINKER" to Free Software.
15 October 99 Corrected link in Articles for "Creating FORTRAN DLLs for Use in GAUSS for Windows 95/NT".
14 October 99 Added server relocation announcement.  Continuing hardware problems are inhibiting the process of updating the site more regularly.  Equipment is to once again be delivered to the repair center on Friday (15 October.  It was just returned last week after ~2 months in repair, worked for a few hours and then exhibited the same error again).  If not repaired this time, new equipment will be purchased (by golly).
8 September 99 Added "US mirror site" links to Numerical Algorithms Group listings under Compatible Products and Free Software.  Did not add this to individual product listings, however some users may want to modify the link for faster service, particularly for file downloads.
6 September 99 Updated ISBN/publish date for Book "Fortran 90/95 Explained" by Metcalf and Reid, deleted link to Paul Soderland's LAPACK documentation in Articles.  Changed title for "Online Tutorial For Windows 95/98/NT Applications Programming With FORTRAN" and added "Advanced Windows 95/98/NT Applications Programming With FORTRAN" in Training/Tutorials.  Updated OS reference for "Windows 95/98/NT Application Programming With Fortran with Examples" and added "PLM" which is the source to a compiler written in Fortran 66, in Free Software.  Made the "ACM Fortran Forum" more prominent in Journals/Magazines. Added SHAPE95 and Unicomp test suites to Compatible Products.
14 July 99 Added Article "Automatic Selection of High-order Transformations in the IBM XL Fortran
Compilers".  Hit counter problem confirmed to be an ISP problem.  Awaiting resolution.
30 June 99 Added an editorial to the index page recommending support of G77 development.  Investigating problems with the hit counter, assume it to be an ISP problem presently.
29 June 99 Corrected link in Compilers for Watcom and updated platform entries for NAG F95 compiler.
25 June 99 Added Article "Calling Fortran DLLs from Visual Basic", Consultants "Canaima Software", Free Software "RKPACK and RKPACK-II", "GRKPACK", "Programs from the book "Computational Physics"", "Particle Physics Basic Research Sample Code", "FSQP", "SUBPLEX", "NELMEAD", "PDS".
23 June 99 Corrected link in Articles for the "Library of Scientific Computing" at Notre Dame.
19 Jun 99 Added Free Software "MODULEF", "MPICL", "ParaGraph", "XSC-FORTRAN", "ALICE", "OMFORT", "SPAI", "SPARSE", "High Performance Math Software Catalog (repository)", Fujitsu's support of Linux with a Fortran 95 product in Compilers, restored link to the Fortran 95 standard on-line via the Fortran Market, Articles "Efficient Multiple-Precision Evaluation of Elementary Functions", "A FORTRAN Package For Floating-Point Multiple-Precision Arithmetic", "A Multiple-Precision Division Algorithm", "Multiple Precision Complex Arithmetic and Functions".
18 June 99 Added Product Update Announcement for GINO products to the index page.  Deleted 3D Audio ad due to lack of interest.
25 May 99 Added DVF user forum to Newsgroups.
21 May 99 Altered the description for the Linux Journal.  Updated Survey questions.
16 May 99 Added Free Software "Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Techniques", "Nonstationary Time Series Analysis...", "Module:  standard_functions", "Stuart Norris Code", "Thermodynamic Properties of High Temperature Air", "Computational Chemistry Software", "FORTRAN 78 (?) Test Suite", "Original Adventure Game", Training/Tutorials "Purple Sage Computing", and "Migrating to Fortran 95".
15 May 99 Added links2go "key resource award" reference to the index page.
12 May 99 Corrected link in Free Software for the "Fortran Library" and updated the description.
2 May 99 Added Free Software "Block-Band Solver and Matrix-Vector-Multiplicator", "Non-adiabatic, Non-radial Oscillations Program", "KIS Solar Evolution Code", "Boundary Element Methods", "Laplaces's Equation", "ABE:  Helmholtz/Acoustic Bounary Elements", "RECIPE", "ROC", "VPLX", "SLRPACK", Compatible Products "RIM:  Computing the Acoustic Field Surrounding a Vibrating Plate", "COMFACT", Books "Quadpack:  A Subroutine Package for Automatic Integration", "High Performance Algorithms for Structured Matrix Problems", "The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics", and several Fortran "Improvement" suggestions.
1 May 99 Added search engine "Multicrawl" to the index page.
7 April 99 Added Compatible Product (company) "Galaxy Advanced Engineering", Linux reference for DVF in Compilers.
6 April 99 Added Compatible Product "ChemApp".  Separated 1998 "what's new" entries into a separate link at the bottom of the page (file too large).
5 April 99 Added Compatible Product "PCx", Free Software "L-BFGS-B", "CG+", "NEOS Guide" repository.  Corrected Book Reseller Computer Literacy Links (
4 April 99 Added Book "Automatic Performance Prediction of Parallel Programs", "Robust  Regression and Outlier Detection", Articles "Creating FORTRAN DLLs for Use in GAUSS for Windows 95/NT", "Compiling LAPACK for use on Windows 95/NT", Free Software "MPLOT", Compiler "FS-Fortran", Compatible Products "GAUSS", "AMBER", "Prime Factor FFT", "Mathpak 87", "CHEMKIN-III", "PBGUNS", "Statistical Genetics Software".
3 April 99 Added Book "Numerical Methods for Physics", "Bayesian Approach to Global Optimization: Theory and Applications".  Added Meeting "Linux Expo".
1 April 99 Changed Compiler Reseller Custom Solutions listing of available compilers.  Updated all entries re: LF95 availability.  Added "EMS Professional Software" link.
28 March 99 Added Free Software "PMD", "LLCA", "BINMIX and GENMIX", "R", "Hankel Transform Code", ", "Hankel and Toeplitz Solvers", "Ooura's Mathematical Software Packages", "Moriplot".
27 March 99 Added Free Software "HDK" repository, "FEM2DLib", "DoIT" repository, "Normix", "Multimix", "NOCOM  & COMPMIX", "EMMIX", "C.A.MAN", "SNOB", "MCLUST".  Corrected Michael Olagnon FAQ/FAN entry.
26 March 99 Added Books "Fourier Related Transforms, Fast Algorithms and Applications", "Curve and Surface Fitting with Splines", Compatible Products "Visual Analyzer".
24 March 99 Added a FAQ on the Smalltalk programming language.
23 March 99 Added a link to the index (home) page on all pages to ease navigation back to the main page.  This was suggested as a browser compatibility enhancement.  It isn't quite as obvious as a "HOME" button...let me know if it's acceptable.  The link is attached to the "Fortran Library" logo portion to the right of the books.
20 March 99 Added Compatible Products "ADF", "Quibus" toolset, "Forwarn", "DXF", "GRG2", "Easyfit" (and related), code for book "Nonlinear Multivariate Analysis", "PDF", Free Sofware "IDA", "PSLAM", "MPI-RGL", "Numerical Relativity" repository, "MacF2C", "PRIME", "Surface Structures" repository, "Materials Algorithms Project FORTRAN Library" repository, FAQ "Fusion" (a little off topic, but interesting).
15 March 99 Added "Product Update Announcement/LGO" and "Metasearch" and "Go2Net" to the Index page.
14 March 99 Added Free Software "SPRINT", "PDECONT", "Shareware Fortran Programming" (repository), "Molecular Dynamics Information and  Example Programs", "GAMESS", "CMU Task Parallel Program Suite", "PHASE1", "MOLSCAT", "PHOTO", "I-NoLLS", "F95_PARSER", "PIPS", "Code for 'Computer Simulation of Liquids'", "Code for 'Understanding Molecular Simulations'", "Central Laboratory of the Research Councils" (repository), "ASAD", "TLM3D", "Potential Energy Surfaces" repository, "Tcl/Tk and Fortran", "World Ocean Circulation Experiment Tools", "Ordinary Differential Equations", "GRAFIC ", "VMP", "Biostatistics" repository, "ADOL-F", FAQ and Standard references to William Clodius' home page information and links.  Moved Article "Structured Programmer's Soliloquy" to Humor section.  There are now over 1050 entries.
13 March 99 Added Benchmarks "Performance Comparison of Various x86 and UNIX Fortran Compilers and Systems", "Cyrix vs. Pentium", "MDBNCH", "Computational Fluid Dynamics Code ", "MPI-SIM", Free Software "QCDF90", "VI" editor links, "Programs for Digital Signal Processing", "SCC", "Quantum Chemistry" repository/directory, "Dalton", Humor "Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL", Consultants "Salford Software", "Scientific Answers and Solutions", Standard summary of "MIL-STD-1753", Training/Tutorials "Salford Software", "Fortran Tutorial" (online), "Symmetric Multiprocessing", Books "Computer Simulation of Liquids", "Understanding Molecular Simulation", "Programs for Digital Signal Processing", Articles "CNF and F77 Mixed Language Programming", "Technical Reports" (two entries), "High Performance Fortran" (3 entries representing repositories), "Programming Language Critiques", "Comparison of Object Oriented Programming Languages", "C++??:  A Critique of C++ and Programming and Language Trends of the 1990s", Compatible Products "CacheVu", "cmf2hpf", "spf" "xHPF", "zAPR", "CATAN", "BloodHoundY2K", "Autolev", "Cocktail", "TotalView", FAQ "The Language List", "Resources for Programming Language Research", "The OO Soapbox", search engine "MAMMA" to the index page.
12 March 99 Corrected Compiler IBM XL Fortran (RS/6000) to indicate Fortran 95 support.
10 March 99 Added Free Software repositories "Survey of Freely Available Linear Algebra Software", "National HPCC Software Exchange", numerical/statistical "NetSolve", ATLAS, graphic interface "PLPLOT", Compatible Products "GISOLV2", "Imprint", Articles "Overview of Iterative Linear System Solver Packages",  "Object Based Programming in Fortran 90", Consultant "ALSOS", Compiler Resellers "Grey Matter", "BuySoft", "Redcorp", Book Resellers "Redcorp", "BuyBooks", the "Digital Fortran Store", "Powell's", Benchmark software "Livermore Fortran Kernels", Book "Simulation Modeling and Analysis".
9 March 99 Due to a major hardware problem (one of those intermittent heat sensitive things), it has not been possible to update the site over the last 5 weeks.  If God's willin' and the creek don't rise...It appears to be fixed now (new motherboard), but there are still a few software glitches to figure out...
4 February 99 Added 2 new sparsely populated areas:  "Disinformation/Myth" and "Humor".
3 February 99 Added Free Software "PFE" (Programmers File Editor).
2 February 99 Added Free Software "Intel Math Kernel Library", "German Scientific Computing Repository", "Meteorology Related Code", " Pablo and High-Performance Fortran", Book "Computing for Scientists and Engineers...", Articles "Object Oriented Fortran", "Effects of Prefetching of Objects on Execution Time for Object-Oriented Fortran Programs", "C from Fortran", "GlobSol", "C++ Gets Faster for Scientific Computing", "Is the Quality of Numerical Subroutine Code Improving?", Training material "High Performance Computing with Fortran 90, VT 97", Consultants "Windward Technologies", "Web Research Company", "Science Soft".
28 January 99 Added Book Reseller "bookpool", Free Software "CGI Using Fortran".
27 January 99 Added Consultant "Tessella", Compatible Products "Plot 88", "NCAR", "QA Fortran", "Curvi", "SNiFF+".
21 January 99 Added Article "Structured Programmer's Soliloquy", Free Software repository "Fortran Library", "NCAR's Mathematical and Statistical Libraries", Benchmark "PERFECT ".
20 January 99 Added Book Reseller "Books-A-Million", Free Software repository "Multidimensional Integrals", "MD Anderson Cancer Center Biomathematics Software Archive".
19 January 99 Added Free Software "Pseudo-Random Matrices and Numerical Integration", "DrawP3D", and "DRAWCGM".
18 January 99 Added Book Reseller "Computer Literacy".  Journal "Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis".  Free Software repositories "Internet Finite Element Resources", "CFD", "Scientific Applications on Linux", "Parallel Iterative Methods", "ARPACK", "PseudoPack", "PSIDE", "Jacobi-Davidson Method for Eigenproblems", "Eigenvalues of Laplacian in the L-Shaped Domain", "Initial Value Problems", Compatible Product "FIDISOL/CADSOL".  Moved Journals/Magazines from Articles to a new section.  Corrected link for SAVVYSEARCH on Index page.
17 January 99 Added Article/Magazine "Computers in Science and Engineering", Books "Designing and Building Parallel Programs", "Lapack User's Guide", "Numerical Methods in Practice:  Using the NAG Library", "MPI, The Complete Reference:  The MPI Core", Compatible Products "Captools", Free Software "Fortran 90 Mode Code for Emacs", "Numerical Recipes for Wavelets", "Density Matrix Library", "Code for 'An Introduction to Computational Physics'", "High Performance Fortran" software repository, "Southampton High Performance Fortran Translation System".
12 January 99 Added to Free Software:  "StatCodes" repository, "Variable Precision Arithmetic" module reference, "Fortran 90 Resources" repository (also to FAQs), "ADAPTOR (Automatic DAta Parallelism TranslaTOR)", and "Global Optimization" repository.  Added "GO.COM" (Disney) to the index page.
10 January 99 Changed copyright date to 1999 on all pages, removed holiday banner.  Added:  Article "Safer Subsets of FORTRAN 77", Benchmark "PARKBENCH", Free Software "HPF 2.0" (HPF/Java Interface) and "Statlib", Books "Statistical and Computational Methods in Data Analysis", "An Introduction to Computational Physics".  Revised "Recent" and "Future" Meetings section.

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