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Date Description
22 November 2000 Added "SansGUI" to Compatible Products.
18 November 2000 Corrected link to "Wessex Scientific and Technical Services" in Consultants.  Added "Harwell Subroutine Update" to Announcements.  Added "Numerica" and "DESL" to Compatible Products.
Added "Spacial Statistics Code" and "C2F" to Free Software.  Added "Scientific Publishers Guide" to Book Resellers.  Updated
29 October 2000 Corrected link to Graphics in the quick link table in Free Software (was pointing to parallel processing section).  Added "MielkeSoftware", "VFort", "HSL", "STARLINK GKS Graphics Library", and "NCAR Graphics Library" to Free Software.
24 August 2000 Added "Computational Chemistry List " and "" to Free Software.  Corrected the link to "Fortran Humor" in Humor and changed the description to "Fortran Songs".  There are presently 3 Fortran-related songs listed at the site linked to.  Added announcement from Visual Numerics.
19 August 2000 Added an "announcements" link on the index page.  Will probably add a button graphic for this later.
31 July 2000 Finally corrected the search tool.  My ISP once again moved my account around...something always gets broken...
30 July 2000 Added link to the Deja News archive for COMP.LANG.FORTRAN in News Groups.  Moved the "Moreover" news feed service to the top of the index page.  Updated the Fortran Library FAQ at 
25  July 2000 Added 2TROM search engine to the index page.
24 July 2000 Added "NAS Fortran Encyclopaedia" and "FortranPlus Professional Pack" in Compatible Products.
17 July 2000 Updated product description and link for "IMSL" in Compatible Products.
15 July 2000 Corrected link for "SMLIB" in Free Software.
9 July 2000 Corrected link to "Orthogonal Polynomials" (typo) and "FMLIB" in Free Software.
6 July 2000 Added the "Geneva Group Graphics" library and "Geneva Group Fortran Code" to Free Software.
4 July 2000 Changed links for "Fortran Programmer's Club" in Training/Tutorials and Free Software.
10 June 2000 Added a new Lapack link in Free Software.
4 June 2000 Corrected compiler/company entries for Cray and SGI in Compiler Developers.
15 May 2000 Added "The 4th Annual HPF User Group meeting" to Meetings.  Added "NFortran" to Free Software and Compatible Products.  Added link to the new Fortran2000 site in FAQs.  Corrected link to VECFEM in Free Software.
10 May 2000 Added a sample of general news links on the index page.  If you like them, these may be improved and expanded.  Added "DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit" to Compatible Products.  Corrected entry for NASoftware compilers in Compiler Developers to delete indication of Fortran95 support for DOS.
8 May 2000 Changed the G95 link on the index page.  Updated link to course "Course on Fortran 90" in Training/Tutorials.
7 May 2000 Added "Pyfort" to Free Software.  Corrected the daggone counter again.
30 April 2000 Added "Visual Strongtype" to Compatible Products.  Deleted "THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF HIGH TEMPERATURE AIR" in Free Software due to broken link.  No replacement could be identified.  Added "Computational Optimization and Applications Software Forum" to Free Software.  Added Pinter Consulting Services to Consultants.  The ISP broke the main page hit counter (and the site search tool).  Will make corrections when I get some free time (rebuilding 2 retaining walls, laying flagstone, landscaping, etc. (oh my aching back!)). 
1 April 2000 Removed blinking attribute from G95 Project link on the index page (removed the word "embryonic"). 
21 March 2000 Added DAEPACK to Free Software (free for academic use) and Compatible Products.  Made changes to the index page.  This is an experiment, so let me know if it's good or bad (those button colors sure are bright aren't they...).
17 March 2000 Added reference to the new G95 project on the index page.  There appears to be no financial funding mechanism, but requests for help are present.  Added "MVI3", "BETADER", "COVAR", "Gompertz Distributions", "GARCH Estimates" to Free Software.  Corrected link for Brian's Books and the name of Computer Literacy in Book Resellers.  Added to the Fortran Library FAQ.  Made changes to the logo on all pages in an attempt to make the site work with Internet Explorer.  It appears that IE does not perform image vertical centering properly, so I had to enter a top/bottom border around the image to emulate centering when "lower-left" placement origin was selected (what a kludge).  Also, there appear to be differences in reference when "percent of cell" is used for table cell sizes, so I fixed the size of the "A Scientific & Technical Programming Resource" table row (background image) in pixels.
12 March 2000 Corrected the term "benchmarks" in the Fortran Library Fortran FAQ index.  Changed the "F" entry in Free Software to indicate that it is now free for all platforms.  Updated the "answer" to question 4 and included links to other Fortran FAQs and "What's New" in the Fortran Library FAQ.  Broke out link to Keith Bierman's FAQ into a table identified as the "official fortran FAQ".  Modified FAQ Builder form to add a contact section and to change the "category" entry to a single line text field.
8 March 2000 For those interested in the Fortran FAQ page just added, I do not intend to plagiarize content from other collections and so this section will take some time to build up and will need to be "under construction" for awhile.  I also have not decided on the best format for the content.  I will probably gravitate to a format that is easy to update as well as easy for user's to print out the entire listing (the current structure does not support this).
5 March 2000 Added counter to the Fortran Library FAQ page.  Added Books "Numerical Optimization" and "Optimization Theory with Applications".  Added "Statistics Code From University of Washington" to Free Software.  Updated Fortran Library FAQ questions 3 and 4.
4 March 2000 Added the "Fortran Library" FAQ.  This will also be available via the URL:  WWW.FORTRANFAQ.COM in a few days.  The entry form isn't too sophisticated, but should do the job.  Added a link to this new page in FAQs.
27 February 2000 Added "Preconvert" to Free Software.
22 February 2000 Corrected the link to the "R" package in Free Software.
21 February 2000 Corrected link for Intel entry in Compiler Developers.  Added "DVERK" to Free Software.
20 February 2000 Added "Tecplot" to Compatible Products.  Changed Intel entry in Compiler Developers to indicate Fortran 95 support.
19 February 2000 Added "McCabe's Metric Applied to Fortran High Performance Computing", "Obfuscated C", "Is Scientific Software Accurate?", "Repository of Articles/Papers by John R. Rice at Purdue", and "Obfuscated C++" to Articles.  Added "Crazy-Fortran", "RANLUX", "CacheProf", "Moonbase", "ROBODoc", "TOYFDTD" to Free Software.  Moved several documentation tools from "compilers/.../Parsers" section to the "reformatters" section in Free Software.  Added "Portable Windowed Applications" to Compatible Products.
3 February 2000 Removed the listing for "Modern Programming with Digital Visual Fortran" from books.  Publication has been canceled (no reason given).
31 January 2000 Added "OPENGL With Fortran (CVF)" to Training/Tutorials.
30 January 2000 Added "FortranPlus User's Guide" to Articles.  Added "Kieth Bierman's FAQ" to FAQs.  Added next J3 meeting announcement to Meetings.
29 January 2000 Updated links in Standards section.  Restored links to TR on Exception Handling and Enhanced Datatype facilities, and NCITS/J3. 
25 January 2000 Corrected entry for Cray CF90 compiler which is Fortran 95 compliant rather than Fortran 90 compliant as listed previously.
23 January 2000 Added "indent.F", "CFD and Related Graphing/Printing Software", "IDA" to Free Software.  Added "My Programming Style" to Articles.
16 January 2000 Added a note regarding unavailability of MS FPS4.0a memory leak patch in Free Software.
8 January 2000 Added "FOR2HTML", "Statistics Code Form The University of Antwerp", updated link to "Variable Precision Arithmetic" in Free Software.  Added link to the "new" Fortran standardization home site at NAG in Standards.  Also cleaned up the Standards section to remove references to outdated or unavailable documents (no longer available on the net due to archiving).
1 January 2000 Split what's new 1999 to a separate file.  Updated copyright on all pages.

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