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6 August 2001 Added uuIDGenV2.f90.  This version calls the Win32 API cocreateguid instead of the command line utility.  The argument list contains the UUID in an array of 16 8-bit integers.  The uuid is also available via reference to GUIDSTRUCT%data1, %data2, %data3, or %data4.
4 August 2001 Added OSCall.f90 and uuIDGen.f90 to Free Software.
16 July 2001 Corrected entry in Compilers regarding support for OS/2.  The NASoftware compiler product ended support for OS/2 at the Version 2.0 release.
4 July 2001 Added "FPX3" to Free Software (preprocessors).
2 July 2001 Changed the link to EurekAlert on the index page.
27 June 2001 Added search engine ixquick to the index page.
26 June 2001 Added "FELIPE" to Compatible Products under Numerical/Statistical Calculation.
25 June 2001 Added EurekAlert link on the index page.
15 June 2001 Added Compaq Visual Fortran Educational donation program to Announcements.  Minor cosmetic "improvements" throughout.
12 June 2001 Added search engine Slider to the index page.
11 June 2001 Added search engine Google to the index page.  Added logo to the 3 June "ProtoDesign" announcment.
10 June 2001 Added a button to the index page for submission of inputs.  Added "alternate text" descriptions to the buttons.
8 June 2001 Corrected the search tool again.  Since Prodigy purchased FlashNet recently, they failed to configure the new system "exactly" like the old one which broke some of my CGI macros.  I've now disabled the "CGIWRAP" processing in favor of executing my own CGIs directly.  Hopefully, this will keep working for a longer period of time between failures, since only I monkey with them now.  The continuous problems with my ISP growing pains and reconfiguring without notification has partially inhibited my work on the site.  Maybe it will be more stable now with these changes to the processing of CGIs.
6 June 2001 Corrected hit counter again.  Changes have been made to reduce the likelihood of the count being reset.  It remains to be seen what type of other error will be produced as a result when the condition that was producing the reset occurs again.
5 June 2001 Added search engine "Scirus" to the index page.
3 June 2001 Added "SANSGUI 1.0" announcement in Announcements (should have been added in April).  Corrected link for "the big hub", but the server was not responding, so it may no longer exist.  Added search engine "Dogpile" on the index page.  Added "FPT" and "DESL" to Compatible Products.  Added a link to "F90VB" in compatible products (why was it missing??).  Added a link for "MSFPS4A.EXE" patch, "ORDERPACK 1", "FIWIZARD",  "F2KCLI" and "Function Parser" to Free Software.  Added link to articles by Arnaud Desitter and "Encapsulation, Inheritance and the Platypus effect" in Articles.  Added "Michel Olagnon's" and "Startkabel" to FAQs.
21 May 2001 Corrected link to "Fortran 90 Essentials" in Articles.
16 May 2001 Corrected hit counter on the index page again.  Clearly there must be a bug somewhere, possibly it happens when I test an update.  Very annoying.  Sorry, no content update this time, been too busy with landscaping and work.  The search tool appears to be broken again also.  This is the result of my ISP being bought by Prodigy and moving my site to new servers with a slightly different configuration (without warning).
8 March 2001 Added "FORBAS" (Fortran 77 to Basic converter) to Compatible Products.
26 February 2001 Completed information in Books for "Compaq Visual Fortran:  A Guide to Creating Windows Applications".
14 January 2001 Added search engines "Acoon", "Hootingowl", "Voila", "Multimeta", and "Aboutwebmasters" to the index page.  Updated copyright to include year 2001 on all pages.  Corrected link to "Michael Metcalf's CNL Fortran 90 Articles" and added "Mistakes in Fortran 90 Programs That Might Surprise You"  in Articles.  Added a direct link to Dan Nagle's "COCO" pre-processor, "JAPI", "Particle Physics Code", aand "ITXGEMM" in Free Software.  Added "Journal of Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering" in Journals/Magazines.  Added book "Compaq Visual Fortran, A Guide to Creating Windows Applications" (ISBN, author and publish date could not be determined.  Contact Digital Press for more information).  Moved What's New items for year 2000 to a separate file/link.  Also corrected the hit counter on the index page (once again).  Corrected link to Fortran J3 committee web site in Standards section.  Added link to Digital Press in the Book Resellers section.

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