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4 August 2002 Removed ISP switchover notice on index page.  It will still be awhile before the site is corrected, but most works ok for now.  For now, due to increased crime in my neighborhood and an apartment complex going up immediately behind my home, moving is my main focus.
13 July 2002 Returned from vacation.  Began process of officially terminating old ISP and finishing some new ISP setup activity.  It may be a few weeks still before things are back to normal due to continuing fallout from my home burglary and similar things.
16 May 2002 Corrected email address for "Resources Computing International Ltd" in Consultants.  Big backlog of other inputs, but this one was easy.
15 April 2002 Added an advertisement for Resume Rabbit.  It's a clickthrough so I get nothing if you buy nothing.  I had one of those ads back in 1998 but was not very happy with the performance.
12 April 2002 Changed entry for Connection Machines in Compiler Developers.  It appears that the service company set up by Gores may be defunct but is still mentioned on the Gores web site.  Link changed to point there.
10 April 2002 Corrected entry for Edinburgh Portable Compilers (discontinued) in Compiler Developers.
7 April 2002 Corrected link to "IDA Simulation Environment" in Compatible Products.
30 March 2002 Corrected page description for Book Resellers, Editorial, Training/Tutorials, Contact Information What's New 1999, What's New 2000, What's New 2001, and Disinformation and Myth.  Added VTUNE to Compatible Products and corrected the title, link, and description to the former UNICOMP compiler test suites.  Decreased the size of the buttons on the index page (may want to add more and still want them visible on smaller monitors).  Also enabled image swap for the 3 section headers on the index page (actually an easy thing to do, but took all day because Netscape deleted a NAME= tag which I couldn't find for the life of me).
24 March 2002 Minor makeover of the home page.  Let me know if it's good or bad.  Updated compiler information for HP, Intel, and Compaq (/Intel, although this one isn't clear to me).
16 March 2002 Added The "Weather Underground" to the index page.
2 March 2002 Corrected links to G77 in Compilers.
26 February 2002 Added Intelligent Interfaces Fortran 77 to Compiler Developers.
23 February 2002 Corrected link for GINO ( in Compatible Products.
20 February 2002 Corrected link to Imagine1, indicated that Watcom has been discontinued (for some time) in Compilers.
17 February 2002 Added "PDE Portal", "Unit conversion for SansGUI", "Biomedical Source Codes", "Sortf90", "Giuseppe Ciaburro Fortran Resources and tutorials", and "DownGradePrecision" to Free Software.  Corrected link to Jeff Templon's Fortran information compilation for Linux in FAQs.  Added "Programming Tutorials", "Introductory Course to Scientific Computation using Fortran 90 ", "Giuseppe Ciaburro Fortran Resources and tutorials", and "Michael Metcalf's Fortran 90 Articles at CNL" links in Training.  Added "FORTRAN 90 vs C++ - an educational perspective", "Introduction to Fortran 90" (Alexander Donev), corrected links to IMAGINE1 and "Modern Fortran Revived as the Language of Scientific Parallel Computing" and "Digital Technical Journal Articles (Selected)" and deleted "Experiences with the F Programming Language - David Lawrence" in Articles.  Added "Fundamentals of Programming Languages", "Comparative Programming Languages" to Books.  Added several questions/answers to .  Added the "Come From" statement to Humor.  Changed entry for Microway NDP Fortran to indicate that it was discontinued, in Compilers.  Changed name of BuySoft to, deleted SciTechInt and added ColeParmer in Compiler Resellers.  Corrected reference to Imagine1, changed reference to BuyBooks to, deleted reference to Spree (now B&N) in Book Resellers.
 9 February 2002 Changed GOTO search engine entry to OVERTURE.  Corrected link to Brittanica search engine.  Deleted Livelink Pinstripe search engine.  Deleted Magellan search engine.  Deleted Pronett search engine.  Corrected link to Virtual Library search engine.  Deleted WhatsNewToo search engine.  They're dropping like flies.
 2 February 2002  Removed "advertising questionaire" from the index page.  Responses were universal in lack of opposition to small ads as long as not "pop-up" style.  Now to repair the relationship with all those would-be advertisers that were told to "go away".
 26 January 2002  Added "advertising questionaire" on the index page.
 1 January 2002  Updated copyright on all pages and separated 2001 What's New items to a separate link.  Corrected links for's news section which was moved from their main page without notification.

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