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Date Description
9 November 2003 Added "FMM2", "FCAT", and "PHYSUNITS" to Free Software.  Added "AERONAUTICS CODE" to Compatible Products.  Added "Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations" to Books.  Added "Field Precision" to Consultants. 
30 October 2003
Added links to GFLS and FLS in Free Software.
17 October 2003
Added link to "XML Parser in Fortran 90 (F)" in Free Software.
3 October 2003
Corrected links to Winteracter/Interacter/ISS in Compatible Products.
14 September 2003
Changed link for "MIL-STD-1753 Summary" in Standards section.
24 August 2003
Oh those qwazy (immature, childish) hackers!
7 August 2003
Added "string utilities" in Free Software under Miscellaneous.
5 August 2003
Corrected link to Alan Miller's site in Free Software.  Added metasearch engine "ilectric" in the search links section.
25 July 2003
Revised announcements sections and links for SansGUI under "spotlight".
24 July 2003
Added SansGUI discount code under "spotlight" on the main page.  Discount code FL7243 will provide an automatic $20 reduction.  Exact value of the price reduction is subject to change.
18 July 2003
Added SansGUI 1.2 announcement under "spotlight" on the main page.  Other inputs for the site have been received but I don't have time at the moment to research them (don't fret).
21 June 2003
Added "CALGO" in compatible products.  Added "Navon" in Free Software under Software Repositories.  Added "DFREML" and "L-p Distance Statistics" to Free Software under Numerical Computation A-M.  Fixed counter value again.  My ISP insists on storing a log on my account of all traffic.  Unfortunately, that causes frequent disk space exhaustion due to the high hit rate, which plays havoc with my counter macro.
19 June 2003
Added GINO V6 announcement under "Spotlight" on the main page.
30 May 2003
Some wisen-hacker had his fun today.
8 April 2003
By popular request, all lower level pages now have the "books" logo set to return to the Fortran Library home page rather than to the Fortran reference manuals.  The one on the home page still directs to the reference manuals at present.  In future, a reference manual icon may be added (once I find time to design one).
7 April 2003
Corrected various links in Standards section related to restructuring of Fortran Market web site.
25 March 2003
Added link on the main page under "spotlight" for a NAG white paper on Fortran 2000.
16 March 2003
Corrected hit counter on the main page.  Problems with server side includes (every ISP does it differently, it seems, sheesh).
13 March 2003
Added article on "Oscillatory Integration" in Articles.
10 March 2003
Added "Object Oriented Programming via Fortran 90/95" in Books.  Added "F90 Language Tables" in Articles.  Added "Finite Element Code" to Free Software.
9 March 2003
Added 3 entries in Training/Tutorials:  "A General Overview of Fortran 90", "Introduction to Fortran 90", "Introduction to Fortran 90 Intrinsic Functions".
2 March 2003
Corrected link to NELMEAD in Free Software.  Added Alan Miller's site to the "software repositories" section in Free Software.
18 February 2003
Minor presentation fixes, mostly related to differing screen resolutions.
17 February 2003
Corrected justification for main page table.  Fixed table borders in Articles and Free Software.  Corrected horizontal divider in Directory, Media Links, and Internet Search.
15 February 2003
Major appearance overhaul, minor improvements in search capabilities.
4 February 2003
Updated Watcom entry link to point to OpenWatcom project in Compilers.
29 January 2003
Deleted link to INDENT.F (Program to indent FORTRAN 77 code by Mattias Alveteg) from Free Software.
27 January 2003
Corrected various email addresses and copyright notice.

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