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Date Description
17 June 2006 Corrected fortran library support email address listings on all pages, updated copyright date on all pages, and separated the 2003-2006 what's new items into separate sections (links above).
11 June 2006 The weekend was spent upgrading computer systems so no time was available to explore PHP-Nuke (and as you may have noticed some imbecile defaced it within a few days of installation).
4 June 2006 While it doesn't visually appear that much progress was made this week, I can assure you that a huge amount of work was accomplished in a trial install of PHP-Nuke.  New links added to the new directory and manage buttons on the splash page.  This takes you to the PHP-Nuke application.  No tailoring has been done yet.
29 May 2006
Added database manage function on the main page.  Also added a test search tool with a sample books SQL database table.  It is accessible from the directory section.  It will require a considerable amount of work to duplicate the current site structure.  No decision has been made as to whether this is the final tool set.
27 May 2006
Completed transfer of the main site (Fortran Library) to a new ISP.  Since multiple sites are hosted at this same address, it will take some time to complete the transfer of the other web sites.
19 May 2006
Corrected webmaster and contact email addresses in main, contact, and what's new sections.  Other sections still point to the old address (that is still active).  For cost efficiency reasons and because the current provider limits software capabilities at the present subscription level, we are exploring an ISP change, so no significant changes will be made prior to that change being implemented.
14 May 2006
Corrected link on the splash page to the NAG paper on Fortran 2000 (2003).
13 May 2006
You may have noticed some change activity in recent days.  We are considering implementation of a database system with membership access control so that user's can submit inputs directly.  Some test code may be installed as we explore various database options.  Before it is put into production, user's will be asked to test the new interface for suitability.  If a suitable low cost solution cannot be found, consideration will be given to development of a more advanced, tailored solution ($).  Changed the link for the reference manuals back to the HP/Compaq Visual Fortran manuals since they are in html rather than PDF and are more usable from the net.
9 May 2006
We have moved the Google Ads to the seach section and implemented Google search Ads as well.  We have implemented these as text-only ads to minimize download times over dialup.  Hopefully, these aren't too objectionable.  The site actually did have ads when it was originally started in ~1998, however they were not sufficienly lucrative to justify the negative impact to dialup performance.
7 May 2006
Added Google Ads leader at the top of the splash page.  Changed broken link for reference manuals on the index page to point to the Intel Visual Fortran manuals for version 9.  This is in PDF rather than html as were the Compaq manuals.
6 May 2006
ISP decided to migrate once again.  There remains some issues with various CGIs.  Work will continue to correct these errors

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